[ Blatage ]

[ 植物中的動物性 ]

_ Bionics 環境快速變化,許多現有物種開始消逝,新的物種也快速產生,從現在的時間點投射於未來,多樣性已經不再適用舊有的價值觀擷取更為正確的觀看角度,反而是現有物質新型態的組合與轉化,透過植物的使用,鏈接著關於具有動能的動物性組織。生產的過程遵循自然界中相互構成的韻律,從展覽牆面開使像是編織的細胞形式,串連著層層組織斷面,像是一場解剖儀式,將不同器官,皮膚錯置組合,可能性的透過對於細節的安置,讓物件具有動態,能在空間中產生輕微個 體的生物性顫動。

_ The environment is changing rapidly, many species are disappear, and new species are emerging. From the present time point in the future, diversity is no longer applicable to older values and change to see things in perspective. Instead of using plants, the existing material types are combined and transformed, linking to animal tissues with kinetic energy. The process of production follows the rhythm of nature. From the wall of the exhibition, it is like woven cells, connected in layers with a layered tissue section. It is also like an anatomical ritual that combines different organs and skins. Through the placement of the details, the objects are dynamic and can produce slight individual in space.

攝影 Photographer|李霽 LEECHI
攝影後製 Retouching|吳俊宏 Johnny Wu