Mont-blanc - in-side-out ]



The constant movement track has many dynamic balances coming from constantly collision, organisation, reproduction, and destruction. When the subject consciousness has irritating tastes and emotional excitement in the process of switching, the so-called guidance of “things” thus creates a conflict definitions.and the feelings of prejudice and ugliness once rising during the hostile invitation, these deviations because of race, politics, religion, and hatred can all be simulated as a look of spicy monsters, and the initial understanding with blank imaginations are under so many empirical controls, the whole fear and frighten hampered the intuition and instincts that are only forcibly demanded.

Interpret individually of their respective definitions in the text and the implications of the extension, three-dimensional integration of the overall work as a unit. Like the cosmic dust that is scattered in the constellation, it becomes a conscious behavior of space through the illusion of implied meaning.