[  Spring  ]

『 Awakening From Hibernation 』



The ice and snow melt, and the air is saturated and moist. The first spring thunder falls, the soul revives, and the core buds expand from the seed coat, growing up in the water-saturated soil. The unknown initial state condenses at this moment. The moss is covered with stone steps, and the hyacinth and the daffodils bloom one after another. The scent of grass blend with the moist soil after the rain, becoming a familiar and distinct balance.


『 Winding 』



Climbing, winding, and exploring the unknown.

The curled path explores the target orientation. The cycle of life begins with water, the thunder again awakens the prepared cells. As the odor spread in the air expands. The gap created by the molecular impact gives close conditions and deforms from the upward tip protrusion.

『 Sprout 』



Seeds sprout in sequence.

Returning to the initial moist state of covering the water vapor, starting a journey to the outside world._

『 Saturate 』

_ 冬天的狀態,厚實濃稠裡充滿著飽和的濕氣,暖和適切的調節從入口對潮濕泥土的濃縮,攀附如同給予代表節慶氛圍的燭光與蠟燭熔化的時間擺盪,透過溶解的凝固膠著液態傳達台北厚實潮濕的感受,轉化為具象的裝置雕塑。


The state of winter is full of moisture. From the entrance, it adjust warm and condense the moist soil. The candlelight representing the festive atmosphere, and the melting time of candles is swinging. Through the melting liquid, feeling the muggy of Taipei, and turn into figurative device sculptures.

From my opinion, mayonnaise goes well with different dishes, filling up my mouth.



攝影 Photographer|Johnny Wu
地點:RAW-TAIPEI 餐廳 台北大直