成立於2013年,質物霽畫BOTANIPLAN VON LEE CHI 探索植物與空間的深化關係,持續延展對於生命與自然的體悟,以獨特創作語匯穿透實體、超越形式與認同的枷鎖,直達心底一次次的美感經驗對話。

結合建築背景,透過設計案、教學、創作、產品發展,組接從建築架構、生活層面、到植物藝術的融合軌跡,從理念上不斷嘗試與傳遞,透過本質思考、現象分析、 和技術研究,轉化於每一次的事件與作品的藝術化成果。

如果植物花卉停留在生活的裝扮與浪漫意志的滿足,就僅僅是意義限縮的功能性存在。萬物的生長有時間性、方向性、同時包含許多環境給予的資產; 構思被放置的樣貌、聯想彼此的背景關係、發掘對物件材質的感動、進行植物種類的選擇決定,猶如一張張建築物的圖面和⼀一座座參考說明的表現模型,反映對於空間的敏感是必然,每一件植物裝置的細節紋理是藝術家與團隊感性而勇敢的詮釋,體態的形塑核⼼在於面對未來被放置的想像和理性的操作。

質物霽畫 BOTANIPLAN VON LEE CHI,是植物藝術的革新者。

Founded in 2013, BOTANIPLAN VON LEE CHI explores the relationship between plants and space, exploring ideas of life and nature in its natural form. Breaking past boundaries of formality to convey messages and new ideals within the work.

Combining their background in architecture, designing proposals, education, creating, product developing has paved a close connection between life and plant based art. Continuously garnering ideas for innovation, taking into consideration of materiality, and ideology to create works that speak for themselves. 

If plants and flowers are confined by their ability to costume and romanticize life, they have lost bigger possibilities within their existence, bounded by labels of how they are defined. The growth of all life is closely tied to time, direction and the nourishment of its environment. Like the careful planning of each material is inseparable from the knowledge of its history, similar to architecture blue prints and models, they convey the sensible understanding of space. Every plant based installation adheres to detail, and expresses what the artist and team’s efforts in producing the final product. 

  • 藝術策展 Art Curation

品牌規劃 Brand Planing

室內設計 Interior Design

景觀裝置 Landscape Installation

藝人造型 Styling

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