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[ Winter - melt ]


The state of winter is full of moisture. From the entrance, it adjust warm and condense the moist soil. The candlelight representing the festive atmosphere, and the melting time of candles is swinging. Through the melting liquid, feeling the muggy of Taipei, and turn into figurative device sculptures.

From the left side of the entrance, the work is thick, such as the rough surface of the road and the dark luster of the rhizome. To the right side, it is like the sour cream, melting in the rich and aromatic mouth. The bicycle and the kitchen island area as the gradient of time, and adding the refreshing and sour taste of the spring in the color to connect to awaken life. About the corner of the seating area and the toilet installations, try to let the water vapor stay in the gap. In the niche area, The flowing water candle cover the main plant object, like the silky texture of mousse, full of of happiness..

攝影 Photographer|鄭鼎Dean

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