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[ Under Water, Upon Sky ]

此件裝置對應了As within, so without; as above, so below.「如其在內,如其在外;如其在上,如其在下。」這句話代表著古代煉金術的宇宙觀。

宏觀於宇宙之大與微觀之細胞、靈魂的對應中發掘看似對立二元的事物是一個整體, 在物質世界的邊界中,我們不斷在追尋的過程裡必須藉由潛意識與意識之間的橋樑才能被覺知,心物如一,而一即一切。

The work is the underwater city called "Underwater, Upon Sky", which corresponds to "As within, so without; as above, so below. This sentence represents the cosmology of ancient alchemy.

At the macroscopically level, explores the seemingly opposite duality in the correspondence between the universe and the microscopic cells and souls. To be aware, in the boundary of the material world, we must constantly bridge the gap between subconsciousness and consciousness in the process of pursuing. Mind and matter as one, and one is everything.


客戶 Client |水相事務所 Aqua Healthy Clinic

策展 Curator|水相設計 Waterfromdesign

地點 Locate|北京 Beijing

攝影 Photographer|LenmuG