l CO-PAPER l 「蕊」整體構造以月桃葉作為基底,或平展、或捲曲地包覆柱頭。月桃葉經曬乾處理後,呈現被光陰挑染的灰白色澤,與古蹟原有的黃色帶磚、茶色扶手相互映襯。

The overall structure of "Stamen" featured a base formed by shell-flower leaves, which either stretch out or curl up to wrap around the pillar top. After drying under the sun, shell-flower leaves reveal a light greyish hue as if dyed by time, echoing the yellow bricks and brown railings of the historical building.
After accumulating years of experience in botanical art, Lee's next phase plan was to create a linkage between nature and architecture. "Architecture" in his eyes, was no longer the architecture we knew, but a laid-out experience;and the manifestation of "nature" was no longer the blossoming or withering of flowers, but a fluid state that connected to all things. Just like the cover story, the pillar was made into a vase, while the plants were shaped into an architecture. The two sides from centuries apart got along harmoniously through the creativity and aesthetics of a design professional, jointly showcasing wonderfulness at this moment.

發行Publisher|台灣創意設計中心Taiwan Design Center
總編輯 Editor-in-chief|方序中 Joe Fang
設計Design|張瑋芃 Molly Chang
攝影Photographer|陳琨霖 Kunlin Chen
執行團隊Excutive Esitors|台灣設計館、不只是圖書館、設計點、美國創新中心AIC

展出地點:松菸口 Song Yan Court